Valheru, the unconventional journey.

A bit of background.

Ever since sitting on my father’s Norton some time during the summer of ’89 (a year Brian Adams should have picked) I was fascinated with the idea of motorbikes.

I got pretty put off in my teens from combination of family and work exerting the pressure that I need a ‘full’ or ‘proper’ licence in order to get on in life. To a point they were correct as many jobs still require a driving licence just for the purpose of attending the yearly meeting. I started learning to drive but due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’ I had to give up probably 15 years ago as the finances and current insane working hours could not accommodate.

Well after becoming unemployed in late August of 2020 it appeared I was going to need a method of transport to gain access to vast majority of work in a sparsely populated area. Between Lockdown 2.0 and Lockdown 3 I managed to pass my CBT. I really enjoyed it, to the point where I decided I wanted to do a lot of it!

Here began the saga that would take nearly two years through multiple lock-downs and a complete change of career to accomplish. It would see my initial views completely changed, and completely new focus and style of riding adopted. It’s not the most linear or even the most interesting saga out there. Not so much an ‘Itchyboots’ grand journey but more an Ed March dick joke…..