Now then folks!

I’m Valheru from #Okuna and I just can’t wait to get on the road.

Ever since sitting on my father’s Norton done time during the summer of ’89 (a year Brian Adams should have picked) I was fascinated with the idea of motorbikes.

I got pretty out off in my teens from combination of family and work exerting the pressure that I need a ‘full’ or ‘proper’ licence in order to get on in life. To a point they were correct as many jobs still require a driving licence just for the purpose of attending the yearly meeting. I started learning to drive but due to ‘unforseen circumstances’ I had to give up probably 15 years ago as the finances and current insane working hours could not accommodate.

Well after becoming unemployed in late August of 2020 it appeared I was going to need a method of transport to gain access to vast majority of work in a sparsely populated area. Between Lockdown 2.0 and Lockdown 3 I managed to pass my CBT. I really enjoyed it, to the point where I decided I wanted to do a lot of it!

Here begins the saga….

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