Learning on a moped is a terrible way to be introduced to Motorcycling.

So before we get going a warning for the following content:


Cutting back to December last year and I’m clinging to the back of a 90cc moped restricted to 28mph busting down a crappy provincial road in Norfolk in an exciting but somewhat reminiscent of a bucking bronco on wheels. Back then I was honestly thinking I could settle for a 125cc or maybe even a 250 for a bit of extra variety. The power required to achieve any other rate of speed seemed totally unnecessary and possibly frightening.

Now I might be tall at just under 1.9m (especially for Norfolk where I’m like a fairy tale giant) but after stopping work in an industry which heavily promotes stress/drug use/caffeine abuse & chicken dependency I dropped 20kg somewhere…. This is clearly a problem as the provincial road is causing my butt to leave the seat on a fairy regular interval.

Flash forward to yesterday and I’ve just slipped a trusty Honda into 3rd on the same shitty provincial road as before. Unlike the 90cc Mariokart however I don’t feel like I’m going the same speed at all and frankly would have accelerated faster had the road not also been a 30. All credit to the Honda as my butt only left the seat once on a particularly uneven part of the road.

This got me thinking. How many people have had the same thought as me while riding the learner moped but have actually been put off before they got onto the a proper geared bike?

So what is the answer? Lengthen the process of the CBT for those who want to learn a geared bike at the risk of making the course too long for people to take it all in? Should this risk be worth it to introduce people to a “proper” bike?

Personally yes, but I can see that a lot of people probably wouldn’t require it for twist and go fun. In the long term I believe we would have more bikers who would probably be on slightly bigger bikes as a result on this. Frankly I sat on a 600cc Honda afterwards and thought: “Yeah, this doesn’t feel too bad….”

What do you all think? In your experience is it even a “real bike” until we go over the 900cc mark?


  1. Andreas Hesselmann says:

    That sounds weird. Here in germany you’ll ride the right bike for your license from the beginning.

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    1. See, that IS a much more sensible way to do it. For an unlimited licence here we do the moped CBT and then jump straight to a 600cc for MOD 1+2 which is a tad mad, frankly I also need a while getting used to a larger capacity bike with both the handling and speed.


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