Bikes I wish were available in the UK: Jawa

Not to be confused with the many re-branded Chinese bikes, which despite carrying the name and logo are merely ‘Shineray’ based Motorcycles in red. For anyone who read the article on Mash Motorcycles, imagine that but in red.

Jawa these days is owned by Indian corporation ‘Mahindra’ (via Classic Legends and an agreement with Jawa Moto), also well known for their cars, Formula E team, renewable energy, pharmaceutical and has acquired the rights to BSA! They have well and truly resurrected the Czech brand with a brand new range. The chief among these is the new 42.

My immediate thoughts here is how much is resembles some of the other Indian styled Motorcycles, let’s me honest here it does look very Royal Enfield. I’m not sure if that is in any way deliberate by Jawa as the 42 does on paper look like a direct challenger to the Meteor 350 but without some of the bells and whistles, in Asia the price seems to directly reflect this and as such I have seen more than a few YouTubers comparing them directly. The full website can be viewed Here and although available in three colours I am sure you will agree that red (known as Orion red) is by far the best on offer, the grey frankly looks a bit meh.

Is it essentially a poor man’s Meteor? Honestly?? Yes it kind of us BUT it is a great looking bike in it’s own right and does have exactly the same charm as many of the lower capacity Chinese bikes in making a decent sized motorbike accessible to everyone. Many commuters would (and could) argue they don’t need the Tripper navigation or all the mounts for accessories for longer distance travel. The world can only be a better place for having more bikers on the road!

So what do you all think? With prices elsewhere seem to be nudging up to a thousand pounds or so cheaper (model dependant) is it just another cheap Motorcycle to inflate the already bulky lower end or a niche in it’s own right?


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