Motorcycles I wish were available in the UK: BENDA

Right ok let’s get this out of the way quickly shall we? I know what a lot of you are thinking right now… here it is!

Tada! Yup I know that’s Bender but the joke still stands.

Currently this (possibly badly named) Chinese brand of Motorcycles is available in Europe & Asia with a range of 2 & 4 cylinder offerings starting at 125cc and capping at 400cc. These frankly look like they were modelled on the Kawasaki Vulcan S. This isn’t a bad thing imho as that’s a great looking bike, alas probably out of the price range of most of us newbie riders and personally I’d be worried about it ripping my arms off if I got too cocky on the dual carriageway.

There is also this rather strange looking offering called the ‘LFC 700’ which frankly looks like it would be ridden by members of a cybernetically enhanced mafia in downtown Neo-Tokyo. While I find it pretty ugly there is that cool futuristic vibe to it that certainly would turn heads, it just needs a bumper sticker reading “My other bike hovers”.

Benda LFC 700

What do you think folks? Should these make the final jump across the channel and be available here? Or is it just another Chinese imitation brand to saturate the market at the lower end? It’s worth checking out the full website here beforehand.

Let me know!

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