Hunter 350, releasing soon?

For anyone remotely as sad as me when it comes to my love of retro looking bikes you will no doubt be peeping at Royal Enfield. Even if you don’t pretty much care for the brand itself, it cannot be denied that the brand seems to have gone from strength to strength when it comes to their offerings in the last two/three years.

Built on the J platform that they previously utilised for both the Meteor & the new reborn Classic. This looks like a shorter overall length and many of the stills taken of it buzzing around Indian highways seem to confirm both on configuration and the rough speed.

So the general gist of this bad boy is its a scrambler style bike and the YouTube vid clocked it doing 120 KPH.

So it’s a scrambling Meteor right?

Well no, the fuel tank looks decidedly smaller, I’d literally guessing at 12+13L but at this point we’re pulling practically anything out of our butts. Looking back at how the Meteor and Classic are “essentially th same” but as everyone has noted they are radically different, it seems to be the winning formula that divided the Interceptor & GT. I think we can safely assume it’s best ignore the base stats of the J platform and see how it really performs when it is released to the Indian market late June/early July 2022.

It’s growing on me, especially as many of the proposed colours really give it more of a street-scrambler profile. That said from the images I can’t exactly see any space to throw a couple of paniers on the side unless I really am missing something. I’m not seeing much room for the wife to hop on the back either…..

Obviously this is aimed as a direct competitor to the Yezdi Scrambler, despite some people comparing the Yezdi to the SCRAM 411. This honestly is s bit unfair as they are really different models of bike. The rumours seem to be holding out that there will be two distinct variations, with only one of those having access to Tripper in an effort to directly compete. This second part matches up to recent developments where the Meteor no longer has Tripper except the full Supernova config.

Early reports though have hinted this could be a tad cheaper than the Meteor when it’s released though, the option of a second bike I can certainly envisage for a lot of people. I certainly wouldn’t mind taking one of these across the dales at some point, a tad more spacious and comfortable than the usual dirt bikes used for that. If I lived off the beaten track I’d certainly have one. What about you?

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