Bikes I’d love to see in the UK: Yezdi.

The classic brand Yezdi was recently revived under the umbrella of ‘Classic Legends’, the Mahindra subsidiary who recently resurrected Jawa and in the UK the former giant of BSA.

They are so far launched three models, all based on the 334cc DOHC engine featured in the Jawa Perak (worth checking out here) but make no mistake, in the same way Royal Enfield customises their own models based on the same engine but produces radically models, Yezdi really have provided a tantalising offering for the 350cc size.

The Roadster, a base model so to speak. Personally looks a lot better in dark blue or green.

The Roadster, via extensive googling is the most faithful looking in relation to the original Yezdi bikes and seems to be directly influenced by the Jawa 42 which it is doomed to be forever compared to which it seems to be trying to attract. I’m personally not sure why Mahindra have essentially created an undercut of their own product in a different subsidiary. Clearly there is something I don’t fully understand here, or is this purely down to cult following?

The scrambler, a far more stripped down model.

As the look suggests the Scrambler is far more stripped down and sportier than it’s road cousin, the ribbed seat especially gives a nod to it’s true purpose, as does the fact the rear looks like it was hacked off beforehand. The general aesthetic look seems a direct competition to the smaller and cheaper Chinese imports while attempting to head off the RE: Hunter at the same time.


Ahem, I think we can all see which motorcycle this bad boy was meant to be similar too. In all fairness on looks alone I actually prefer it to the Himalayan, although the single exhaust does look slightly like a gas boiler flue. Anyway, they chucked a 15.5L fuel tank on this bad boy for extra range, a nice turn by turn navigation system on the LCD screen (think…..Tripper) controlled via app. One detail I have spotted which they seem to have failed to mentioned even as a sales pitch is this, despite the usual rear and sides luggage rails you can spot an extra two right off the side of the fuel tank. That’s one hell of a camping trip!

Fingers crossed Mahindra will be able to start shipping these over to the UK in a few years, I think they would be a great addition to the Indian motorcycles already available here and they are considerably more affordable than some of their competitors.

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