A Royal Enfield Tsunami.

Ok maybe describing this year’s torrent of possible releases (subject to Covid and world war 3) as a ‘Tsunami’ is a bit dramatic, but there’s a bloody load of them coming this year. I’m counting no less than 7 of them right now assuming they all manage to get squeezed out in the remaining 10 months. I’m going to try and group a few of them together based on the now ubiquitous ‘J’ platform and then kind trail the rest on.

This is strangely a post I decided to write because it will help me keep track of the variations, frankly I bum Royal Enfield quite a bit because I love the style of bikes they produce. This does not however, in any way prevent me from directing criticism if they make a bad one. This is me getting in early as there’s a couple of ones in here that really aren’t to my taste.

The ‘J’ platform.

Upfront for these is the already mentioned ‘Hunter 350’ which an awful lot of details snuck out for already. To the point that I already put a post about it here. The only extra details available is there will be two finishes of this but no concrete details.

Somewhere squished in the middle will be it’s Bobber cousin, based either on the design of the Meteor or the Classic. Single seated but still packing a similar setup to the aforementioned. I’ll be honest I’m not 100% why this needs to be a thing, especially with a new Bullet being produced.

The new Bullet 350, a cut down version of the Classic and set to be Royal Enfield’s most affordable bike. Allegedly single seater as standard but with the options available.

The Himalayan derivatives.

The big headliner for these seems to be the SCRAM 411, peeked and quietly teased for what seems like the whole second half of 2021 the SCRAM seems to be aimed to bridge the gap between the smaller urban scrambler of the Hunter and the Himalayan’s less than optimal main road performance. Despite it’s rugged appearance and reliability I know of several people who have openly said they don’t take their Himalayan out on the A roads. Maybe this will tickle their fancy?

SCRAM 411 seen out in the wild.

A new and improved Himalayan with a bigger engine? Yes that does also appear to be on the horizon, unfortunately I can’t get an actual pic of this as only a variety of mockups are available. Personally, I’m also not a fan of those mock-ups so I hope they are wrong. This 650 twin incarnation will be built on a whole new platform and could be the start of a new range of 650cc bikes. For those with their financial ear to the ground it should be noted due to increased competition from Jawa, Yezdi and soon Bajaj the fastest area of growth for RE has currently been in the 650cc bikes.

Speaking of……

New 650cc twins!

Let’s be honest, we all like the 650cc twins. They look nice, they sound gorgeous and are generally light and manoeuvreable despite the aforementioned power. The main problem always was the lack of cruisers, which has always struck me as kinda odd considering how popular their 350cc offerings had been in the past. When the Continental GT & Interceptor came I was genuinely confused as so where the cruiser option was.

Luckily, just for me it seems and my incessant desire for cruiser pocket hockey, the pleas to the universe (well Chennai) have been answered.

Tada! The Meteor 650 has been spotted out in the wild again, previously snapped parked up without its usual camouflage on this bad boy had folks arguing if it was a converted interceptor for ages. Well it isn’t, realistically it looks like the 350 took some steroids and this is it’s angry beefed up version. Same 47bhp parallel twin as the Interceptor & GT. Not really anything else you need to know.

It should also be noted that Royal Enfield have also reserved the name ‘Constellation’, this was a previous bike model (back in the day) and the name looks to be reused some day soon.

Meteor 650cc twin goodness.
Meteor 650cc

Now remember that rather cool concept bike they did before crimbo which really seemed to divide people? Well it’s been given the nickname ‘Shotgun 650’ and is now rumoured as heading for production. Essentially the bobber cousin of it’s meaty cruiser brother and imho practically completing the full line up of twins. What else would they need?

Shotgun 650cc

Well there we have it folks, I really have given you a big’un this time (fnaa fnaa). If you got this far I am frankly amazed and thank you for reading. Hopefully you’re now less confused about upcoming releases. I know I am for having to sift through the internet while writing it. Hopefully soon I can start bloody riding them!!!!

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