Quick run out.

Random area I found off the old A47, actually had worse roads than our standard one.

Had a quick run out today, literally only thirty minutes I wanted to fill up with fuel before my Thursday commute and see how the performance was slowly easing in.

Honestly? It feels like a slight upgrade on Friday, I’m not sure if it’s just the running in or I’m getting used to the bike. The gear changing was slightly smoother, the engine thump seemed slightly different. I did a quick circuit on the dual carriageway and then straight back via much slower 50 mph local roads to see how everything faired. From the go the engine seemed ready to go, straight up to 60 effortlessly and while the last 10 mph was a tad slower when I reached 70 I wasn’t fully opened up and you could feel there was more available if needed.

I had one cod piece in a BMW (no surprise) hovering just outside my blind spot and couldn’t seem to decide if they wanted to overtake or not. The bike seemed fine with my pulling out and over taking the truck in front before they decided what they were doing.

The way back was totally uneventful with the Meteor sticking to the roads, frankly you can really through this into fifth at about 35 if you want. Powerful, manoeuvreable, and loves a corner! Not knowing the route back when I see the words “SLOW” on the road I have a tendency to believe them. Tbh I shouldn’t have bothered as it was a ridiculously easy corner and I swear the engine made the mechanical equivalent sound of “Really??”

Clearly those road markings were made for cagers!

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