Things I love about motorcycling.

This really should be ‘Things I love about motorcycling, so far….’ but I had to sell all my Infinitives to put fuel in the bike. I’ll be frank (Ted was taken), most of you probably deal with these on a daily basis and have plain got used to them. For me it’s a whole new adventure in the realms of the things you don’t realise until you have passed your test and are happily riding around the place having fun.

The view.

No, I don’t mean just belting around country lanes having fun but I never appreciated how much more of a view you have over hedgerows and of upcoming junctions that you just have as you standard car driver. Anyone driving a decent sized van probably probably instantly understands this point Vs when they jump into their usual car. Even with the slightly lower seat height on my cruiser I get a good view. I can see so much further ahead and frankly I feel safer this way than I would in a car. Not just vegetation but large pot holes, farmers spilled loads and idiots in 4×4’s. Maybe if everyone was on a bike it would be a much safer road.

No boxes.

Pre-emptive strike, I am not having a go at car drivers here. I’m not gonna start shouting about ‘cagers’ and nor, despite extreme temptation will I resort to the blue paint.

So many of us working in any form of non-physical workplace face the same daily occurrence. Leave box with roof (house), climb into our box with wheels and drive to box with computers and a malfunctioning coffee machine in it before repeating in reverse. We’re stuck in just another box for days on end sometimes without respite.

Big in Japan.

Now I know the Japanese have a special name for people who just never leave the house: Hikikomori. While I understand these are stereotypically men, what really is the difference? How much time does the average group of people spend outside? The walk from the door to the car, is it any wonder that car drivers always seem so angry and frustrated? The lonely stand at the bus stop trying to avoid the early morning alcoholic casually urinating in a shop doorway?

I said I was doing my best not to reach for the paint but it’s hard when you’re out of all the boxes at last. You get that free….ahh crap …..


Ok I got carried away. But bike commuter’s know what I mean, when you pull up outside work, nod to the security guard and think “Ahh shit I’m here already.”

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