The Meteor Vs the Classic. How I eventually made the decision.

Most people who have to put up with me on Twitter will have noticed my practically endless fawning over the Royal Enfield’s. Namely the 350cc bikes of the Meteor and the newer Classic.

It honestly got really close throughout the final process as to which one I was eventually going to buy. Both for different reasons. Both would do what I needed and would be a hell of a lot of fun.

The Meteor I ended up buying, hipster not included.
The classic in my preferred colour scheme.

For me it ended up coming down to three very simple things:

  • Cost.
  • Features.
  • Spokes.

Even the basic Classic in that rather nice green is £4279, I then need to get the screen, rear seat and the allow wheels just to be on the same spec as the Supernova spec Meteor. With the fitting costs I can see that getting damn close to the £5k mark. Yup I am being tight here but at that price I am only another thousand from a 650cc twin. The advantage being slightly better handling around green lanes, something I don’t really do and for the occasional smoothness against having a better road bike I would need constantly would really cut it for me.

£399 wheels…..

I am expecting to get lynched like a post-Meriden Triumph owner at a classic bike rally but, I’m not a massive fan of spokes. They look good on some bikes, frankly I would rather not have them on this one. I also have a (possibly irrational) fear that I’m going to smash or damage them while going down the average road in Norfolk. Maybe in the future when my riding confidence has increased I will be less daunted by their appearance. There is a rumour of a 650cc twin version in the works, maybe then I will have got over my love of cruiser’s?

Let’s wait and see……

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