Travels for Cheese – Episode 1

I know I’ve been pretty much going on constantly about how much I love motorcycling this week but there are some other reasons too, directly related to my love of cheese. As one of my few remaining vices alongside coffee it’s important to track down as much of it as I can within the confines of a balanced diet. As such I decided to concoct a spin off mini-series dedicated to me tracking down cheese while on my travels.

Today’s location.

Seriously I’ve been going pretty much past this place for years and never knew because the bus doesn’t go that way. It’s only a couple of miles from my house but had never been in for the aforementioned reason. I only knew of it’s existence because in the past someone had grabbed me some of their ice cream. Yup, that’s getting tried once we hit summer!

From the car park.
Someone parked a rather nice bike there, I wonder who’s that is!

After a quick cheese haul it was time for a ride back, despite Norfolk not being exactly my choice of current residence it does do one thing really well: Terrible B roads. Not in any way an issue for anyone on a bike but, any car purchased in the last thirty years would have it’s driver worried about their paintwork for the duration. Another great little shortcut learnt for future and potential time saver than having to go through the town.

A nice blue cheese, not the strongest but quite a bit better quality than you average supermarket job.
This camembert style cheese isn’t what you expect, not as strong or as potent as the style suggests but don’t be put off as it’s also quite a bit smoother with a totally different flavour. I actually got this on a reccie run previous but but didn’t take pictures so here it is!

All in all a fairly successful trip out and a brand new location to procure dairy goods from. Definitely a repeat visit to be planned!

Thanks for joining us on my slightly eccentric journey of cheese procurement, I hope folk found it remotely interesting. Until next week….

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