Jokes aside, Norfolk’s roads are built for bikers.

One of the major things that owning a bike has so far taught me is that actually, Norfolk isn’t flat. It’s bloody close mind you but not quite there. I know I’ve been moaning thusly for probably the best part of twenty years but I was mostly wrong. It’s as if Slartibartfast was going to do another Lincolnshire and had just given it a good shake down and was about to give it one final iron out when the phone rang…..

That, combined with poor road planning and a non-existent maintenance schedule makes the vast majority of them a confused string of winding narrow roads and sharp bends that the local authority really should have taken notice of around the time Henry Ford was gaining popularity.

Some towns get their own 30mph speed limit, some are still National.
Like this one!

A couple of Google maps images of places local to me as a prime but not exactly unusual in this part of the country. As you can probably tell speed limits can vary and are generally anywhere between 20 and national speed limits with almost no logic to location or even road condition. As a note to anyone thinking of traveling down these, Google makes them look wider than they are!

Now I’m not trying to make out this as some kind of sneaky motorcycle riders plot to kill careless motorists. Neither does it change how I feel about living here or the fact that riding up a small slope will give you a view to the earth’s curve… What it has done is made me appreciate the roads that while stuck on the bus made it seem like I was been shaken to pieces.

Unless of course you are stuck behind old Doris doing 30 in a 60 with oncoming traffic that is…..


  1. Norfolk has some good roads, there are many around the country that are so much better though. Make sure to get out and explore when you can, if you head past Birmingham, let me know and I’ll show you some of my favourites

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    1. Ohh that would be great at some point! Just getting as much experience around here first before I start heading further afield.

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    1. Good post and thanks for the link!

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