There’s something romantic about the notion of 125cc adventure bikes.

A pretty weird title I know folks but stay with me on this. There definitely seems to be an opening in the market for them rather than your huge tourers. While traditionally it seems that smaller capacity sat squarely in Royal Enfield’s court with the Himalayan I’d never run into anything in the CBT category.

A couple of years back Sinnis snuck out the ‘Terrain’ in a 125cc and despite some middle to good reviews and a definite value for money aspect it didn’t look like something that was going to catch on.

Sinnis Terrain – even comes with the luggage!
Looks better in red though.

Imagine my inner delight when MGB brought out ATX recently, clearly they wanted a slice of the cake too! Speaking of cake, I bet you could get a decent amount of your belongings for a weekend away in there too, a tiny fold up tent and enough socks to get you to Scotland? Maybe…

MGB ATX, available in many colours but the orange looks the best.

Neither are bad looking and priced between £2.9-3.4k so for anyone not looking for their full licence you have an accessible bike to escape the drudgery at the weekend. Quite a bit of me wishes these had been available some twenty years ago so my younger self could of grabbed one and happily gone around the country and done a good bit of exploring. As opposed to riding around MMORPG’s that is, no doubt many times in my carefree late teens and very early twenties I probably had that money and ended up spending it on vodka & Indian food….

Ok, enough about my miss-spent younger days and my failure to get a ‘Doc Brown moment’. If only we could sort out the UK’s motorcycle licencing laws too while we are at it.

So here’s the main thought, if you were on the fence about using a motorcycle for travel, would this tempt you? If you don’t already have a licence but are thinking about it, or just for the occasional weekend camping trip with mates as a second bike?

If you’re feeling tempted then I have done my job!

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