Tripper – is it actually any good?

The Google powered turn by turn navigation system being utilised on the recent Royal Enfield models certainly garnered a lot of attention and was one one my main reasons for picking up the Meteor.

Does it work though, and really how effective is it?

App interface from earlier.

What can I say really? Dump the location in, hit navigate and it plots the course. If the helmet on the left is green then it’s synched. The only bad thing is if you lock the screen, to put it into your pocket for example, it will instantly shut off and de-sync. Other than that the graphics are clear and you get an accurate indication of when to turn.

EDIT: been speaking to a few regular users of Tripper who haven’t experienced the lock screen issue. It should be noted that on the subcontinent they are quite a few versions ahead of us though. Clearly more investigation is needed on this, is it my phone set-up? Time & testing will confirm.

Route summary.

Nice little touch here, at the end of your destination you get a nice little summary of your trip.

All in all, while it certainly might not be as detailed as a full sat nav, it certainly does the job and doesn’t present too much of a distraction while riding.


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