Beasts from the Far East.

No that’s not some budget ‘Harry Potter’ release, but in fact some strange motorcycle revelations I stumbled across while watching slavs doing handbrake turns on Urals.

It seems while everyone in the west is penny pinching and frantically downsizing to combat the current financial issues, everyone in China has got fed up of whizzing around on their 125cc singles and wants to showoff their new found wealth with something bigger…..much bigger. With import duty as it currently is, only the moderately wealthy would have the money to pick up something with the punch of an Indian or Harley-Davidson. Up stepped the Chinese great traditions of imitation, mass production & the magical ability to knock a few K off without majorly impacting looks & performance (to an extent).

Up step Gaokin, trading through the UK with ‘Brixton Motorcycles’ is the GK1200, a.k.a the Cromwell 1200.

Cromwell 1200
Cromwell 1200, just from a different angle.

The rumoured price of this bad boy is set to be €8.500 (roughly) but as of yet no GBP price has been confirmed. Without being a bit of a proverbial cock, I’m sure we can draw a quick conclusion of what exactly the designers were thinking of when they ahem…… Without starting a fight over when true Triumph ceased UK production, a current version would hit us for roughly £11.200. I think we can agree that’s a significant saving in comparison, time will tell if it would just be worth spending a few extra thousand if you are intent of spending that much.

But, say you really want the thundering V-twin power I accidentally alluded to in the opening spiel, like me you’re a tad poor and that Scout Dark Horse is well out of reach. Speaking of thunder ironically:

Gaokin GK1000 Thor
Thor from the side, prison profile.

As pointed out fairly quickly, it is uglier than a picture of someone slow motion punching a camel. I’m also pretty sure the seat would murder me if my squishy behind sat on it for more than thirty seconds, I’m not even going to comment on the twin leaf blower exhausts there. Ok they aren’t as bad as the HD Nightster but the bar was fairly low there. Allegedly so far the guide price was kicking out at a very moderate €7000.

For me the fact that they can be made for what appears to be a fairly competitive price offers we hope that many other suppliers will follow. I can see one argument ringing out for many potential purchasers in Europe though: if you’re going to spend that kind of money, why not just get a Guzzi?

Ta da!

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