Today’s expedition.

Right, I’m really splitting today up for a good reason. Putting on my Bono voice for just a second: “With and without cheese.” Yeah, anyway after briefly moonlighting as the lead from U2 I jumped on the Meteor and got going.

Today’s loop.

After humming all the way into Norwich and doing a morning of work (allegedly), It was bike on the bike to Bandit country…. Suffolk. The usual passport jokes were washed off when coworkers remembered I was here on my ‘Provisional Northerner Visa’ anyway. I tapped the address into Tripper and it was on the way to cheesy goodness. I’m gonna deal with that separately.

How was Tripper this time?

Short answer, not great. Ok I might be slightly harsh on this but I will explain. Norwich to the outskirts of Bungay absolutely no issues at all, in fairness from Bungay all the way home was also absolutely flawless despite coming back through Wymondham. In the middle though I had losses of connectivity, despite updating every 50 metres this was a minus in local villages where several turns would appear within 50M and I’ll be honest, I got lost…… Many times, probably for a total of 20 minutes. I’m hoping not to have these issues next month as we go further afield.

Now how much of this is down to loss of mobile coverage I wonder? I can’t exactly pull over and check every single time the spinning compass starts again. I do wish Royal Enfield would update the app for UK users though. While the Trippers software is in the version 7’s currently, the app is still lounging at version 1.5 unlike my good friends in central Asia and the subcontinent.

Oooh look, a slight incline!
Another slight incline.
My eventual destination, sadly the coffee machine was broken.

South Norfolk roads Vs North Suffolk.

Honestly these couldn’t be anymore different if they had tried, quite a few times heading south I could easily have done national but the limit was strangely between 40 and 50mph. On top of that the vision is pretty good and the surface seems a lot newer and undamaged Vs other areas of East Anglia.

“Sure, you could easily go 60…but why? Just enjoy the ride.” – Suffolk road to Bungay.

South Norfolk just seemed like the limits were set-up by someone who had shares in a local funeral directors. I’ll be honest there was a few squeaky bum corners and after taking one at 40mph, I genuinely thought if I’d been 5-10mph faster I would have binned it.

“Go 60! I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker!!” – South Norfolk road.

One thing I do have to mention though is that maneuvering a small bike through tiny villages is a lot easier than driving, there’s some one way systems from hell about and I actually pitied some of the car drivers.

Anyway, enough of me for a bit… Time to eat cheese and drink coffee!


  1. Love this. The roads I grew up around. Went to school in Bungay so very familiar!

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    1. You probably would have had a jolly good chuckle at me zig-zagging around town while the Tripper tried to find a signal!! Much frustration but funny to look back on.

      Liked by 1 person

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