The Hunter 350cc launch, thoughts but no prayers.

Well after waiting for the late starting livestream and watching it’s entirety, what did I actually learn? I’ll be honest here, frankly nothing apart from colours.

We seem to have 3 basic subtypes as with the prior 350cc releases which in this case are: Retro, Metro & Metro Rebel. The Metro Rebel is the ever shown in publications blue/white combo. Imho a bloody great scheme but what will be released in the UK remains to be confirmed.

Setting the scene.

Now anyone who’s ever interacted with me practically ever or even momentarily glanced at my blog will know I’m a fan of Royal Enfield motorcycles. Not just because I spend part of my waking life tracking obscure rumours and leaks across the internet, because I believe when it comes to the spirit of pure motorcycling, RE have absolutely nailed it. I don’t like all their bikes, but I can certainly appreciate them.

This doesn’t mean for a moment though, I won’t issue criticism when appropriate (like my crappy cat box!!!!), I’m just some loudmouth who loves bikes after all.

So why the long face.

I’d been following the news, testing and development of the Hunter since October so this wasn’t jumping out on me unlike many, the last few weeks of YouTube shorts and mini videos had certainly kept my attention thus far. Considering the highly professional release videos for the Classic and SCRAM (particularly the Classic) with clear mission statements and well organised sequences, this was an unwelcome and disjointed effort.

The launch for the SCRAM had a clear message throughout the video and the information was fluid and clear. The footage showed the bike in both the urban & off road environments. Yup, it’s a stripped down Himalayan and much better at the urban environment, something I know a lot of owners had mentioned it wasn’t. Good job marketing department, pat on the back there.

The Classic, released before that had a very different approach but all importantly a professional intro video with the models history well introduced, all the variants laid out and explained. As above, great work.

The Hunter had a confusing video with some random folk doing things and then jumping on their bikes. It seemed rather disjointed as a lot of the time it seemed the emphasis was on them (mainly taking pictures of each other) and not the bikes they were riding. The footage of the bikes was patchy, we didn’t really get a gauge of their capabilities, is it just an urban scrambler or can we blitz it across a nearby green lane? These questions weren’t really answered so I’m left with a confused impression of the launch and it’s capability. If I have to give a guess on it’s purpose I would assume it’s the Meteor’s urban scrambler version.

Will I try one when they come out? Probably. Considering the new Bullet comes out in November, I hope the marketing is somewhat clearer this time. Val, out.


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