How much progress is too much?

Now this was originally going to be part of my earlier post but, over the course of writing it, it kinda devolved into basically a rant/rally. I also acknowledge that I am under the average age of motorcyclists, but that it hasn’t stopped me being a miserable old bugger.

I’m painfully aware that motorcycling does need to go with the times (to a point) in order to attract younger riders, not just those Deliveroo loonies on mopeds either, REAL riders. Without this it risks becoming a fringe old man’s club to argue about the specifics of ‘Sticky toffee pudding’ and biscuits. Eventually even electric Motorcycles will be part of that, just maybe not until they sort the range issues out.

For every jump forward in technology and lifestyle though, there has to be some sticking points to push back against.

Yup and this has to be it, helmets with augmented reality. Surely this is absolutely anathema to any essence of motorcycling, regardless of if you are one of the purists or already drive a large bike with most modern comforts, yes I’m looking at you heated seat/cruise control/massive fairings.

Now a useful turn by turn satnav is a hill I will die upon, we can’t all fit a massive AA roadmap in a pannier (I need that room for cheese!) and still requires some interaction. I won’t however, take away the sense of adventure, the engines tone, the wind against skin, picking your way across the countryside to the most remote chippy you could find.

With a heads up display, augmented reality, inbuilt personal assistants trapping off in your ear, rear cameras, not to mention your partner being able to ring and ask that killer question: “Which chippy are you going to?”

I’m clearly missing something here, why would you ultimately wish to ditch all the vital parts of motorcycling? You may as well sit at home and play some VR motorcycle game on the computer……


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