The General Blog.

So, after passing my MOD 2 and purchasing my rather lovely Royal Enfield Meteor 350 (in a rather dashing combination of blue and chrome I might add) we can take a totally new direction in life & in travel!

Welcome to the re-organisation.

As such I will now have all general blog bits not directly related to it in this section and hopefully all nicely set out to make everything that bit easier. This also means it should be a lot easier for me to add content this area of the blog without having the dilemma with myself if I should or should be adding it and if it really was relevant to the rest of the blog in general on the slim provision that there was a bike involved.

Naturally I don’t think I am going to get everything right with this new layout right away so please bare with me if you were attempting to follow part of it and suddenly it vanishes! It hasn’t gone for good I have probably just moved it, as ‘Douglas Adams’ would say…..”Don’t Panic”.

Anything else?

Also if you happen to be browsing leisurely through and in general wonder why I seem to have totally missed a subject, or it’s something important I should really be covering given my extreme newness to all of this. Poke me and let me know!

Above all though everyone, thank you for reading this far!